This Conference and Competition has been jointly organised by Brent Council, Brent Campaign Against Climate Change and the College of North West London

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Speakers for Students Climate Change Conference

Here are the speaker details for our Conference on Wednesday  March 20th. The speakers will also form the Panel for the Any Questions? session:

Caren Trafford Environmental writer, Presenter, Educator
"One world… one problem"
Carly Walker-Dawson   Deputy Chair of Woodcraft Folk British Youth Council Vice-Chair (Participation & Development) IFM-SEI Rainbow Network Co-ordinator
If Climate Change takes place at the same speed as it does now, what will the UK look like in the year 2113?
Isobel Edwards   YUSU Environment and Ethics Officer and People & Planet society Treasurer

Easy changes to make to the life of a student which can have a big impact on their carbon footprint
Kelly EatonWaste Development Officer - Waste Policy Team - Recycling & WasteBrent Council
Recycling and One Planet Thinking: Reducing your impact on climate change
Thivya Jeyashanker & Edison Lasku Brent youth parliament Chair and Vice Chair
“Encouraging engagement and participation of young people”

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